We, that is, the team here at Nautilus, have decided to update and improve our long-stagnant blog. First of all, we’ve decided to carry on posting in English from now on, because we want our blog to be accessible to as large a range of readers as possible, no matter their mother tongue. (However, you may all continue leaving comments either in English or in Romanian, as suits you best –  we will definitely read all feedback and reply as soon as we can!) All our older posts – in Romanian – will still be accessible via our archive. Rest assured, we aren’t deleting anything you may wish to refer to!

Secondly, you will have noticed we have switched to the WordPress platform – that is because we find it more flexible, easier to navigate and more interactive. We hope that will make your browsing experience a lot easier!

So what else have we been doing lately? Well, we’ve just been to the London Book Fair, where we had some very exciting chats about all the new releases with a range of amazing publishers! What we can say for now is – expect some succulent literary novelties to sink your teeth into very soon! 😉

At the Romanian literature stand at the London Book Fair. We were admiring the eye-catching and quirky installation and cheering on Romanian authors!

So what exactly should you expect to read on this blog? Reviews of books from various genres, news from the English-language writing world and occasionally maybe even a few hot literary debates for you to join in! Hope you are all looking forward to these things, as we certainly are!

In the meanwhile, if you want to stay up-to-date about what we have in store for you and which authors we heartily recommend, why don’t you like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter if you haven’t done so already? And please do leave replies with your comments and suggestions about what you would like to see on our blog!

The Nautilus team